At Irish Cufflinks, we aim to make Cufflinks which can be given as gifts for Men for all occasion. The cufflinks we make are made from old Irish coins. Many of the symbols on the coins come from old ancient Irish tales such as the Irish Bull which was the centre point in battles of Cu Chulainn and the Salmon which represents knowledge and wisdom.

The Irish tales believed that disaster can result from overpowering greed and jealousy. Honour is important and keeping ones word is one of the higher values. Cunning and trickery can be used for both good and evil. In these old Irish tales jealousy, brotherly love, justice, treachery, humour.

The stories from ancient Ireland are of a warrior Culture, where defending ones territory is of prime importance . In this culture cattle are the chief form of wealth (taking the place of money in today’s world) and cattle raids seem to have been frequent means of adding to one’s wealth.

Ireland reflected this part of folklore with the Irish 5p, which has the beautiful Irish bull. These coins which were taken out of circulation when Ireland switched to the Euro are genuine coins which are inset into cufflinks.