Here at Irish coin cufflinks we have had a very busy summer. We are taking part in the Dublin City Enterprise board Plato course for Irish fashion designers. The meeting are run by Plato and the group of 15 meet once a month to discuss their business and common overlaps. It is very inspiring to work within a creative group.

Apart from that we loved watching the Euros in June and watching the Olympics in July, and what a fantastic performance by Katie Taylor. She gave a country a much needed lift during a wet July.

In August we agreed to a new workshop, which should be ready by mid September, we are really excited about this. We have expanded our business from selling Irish coin cufflinks, to selling coin cufflinks from 20 different countries and we also sell selected countries by year as well.

We are already thinking about the interior, which workshops are usually messy creative area’s, we’d like it to have a nostalgic retro feel, so lots of old Album covers on the wall and items from the past to fit in with the theme of the cufflinks  which is our links to the past.

Below is a photograph of the rare 1928 set of cufflinks. These are made using genuine 1928 coins, which was the first year Ireland made its own currency.


Rare gift for Men

Gift for men