Hi, Thank you for stopping by our website. As you can see we take Old Irish Coin, wash and polish the coins and inset them into Cufflinks. Years ago I worked in mid town Manhattan and saw a colleague with a set of old NYC subway token which were upcycled into a set of Cufflinks.… Read More

Hi, Welcome to the updated Irish Coin Cufflinks website. The site was updated in June 2016 to make it more mobile friendly. All of our products are handmade in Ireland and they all come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We now keep our stock in several countries so we can speed up our deliveries. If… Read More

Hi, Here is an update on the activity at Irish Coin Cufflinks and what we have been up to lately, Our handmade Cufflinks business is growing and our Cufflinks are still handmade in Dalkey, Co. Dublin, Ireland. We ship internationally every day we have recently started to keep stock of our Cufflinks in the US… Read More

WB Yeats was the chairman of the first Irish Coin Committee and Ireland produced its first series of coins in 1928. We recently came across this beautiful poem titled ‘ Brown Penny’ by WB Yeats. I whispered, ‘I am too young,’ And then, ‘I am old enough’; Wherefore I threw a penny To find out… Read More

Here at Irish Coin Cufflinks we have lots of Irish coins, so it is always of interest when we see one selling for a large amount of money. In an article which appeared in the Irish Independent and Irish central the details are Over ten years on from switching to the Euro, collectors are now… Read More

Here at Irish coin cufflinks we finally got around to applying to the Irish Craft Council to become a member, and we were accepted. The Craft council supports Irish craft makers and they have workshops, training and promote the craft council in Ireland and abroad. It was on our ‘to do’ list for months, and… Read More

Here at Irish Cufflinks we have been busy processing our Irish coin cufflink orders. In March we received a special order to make a set of cufflinks for the Vice President of America, Mr Joe Biden. They were presented to him when the Taoiseach of Ireland made the St. Patricks day visit to the White… Read More

As I write this, Ireland have just beaten Australia in the RWC, so we thought by making a special set of Ireland Tri-Colour Cufflinks. We wanted to make a professional looking set of cufflinks, which showed the Irish flag in a good light. We have also priced the cufflinks well and they are available for… Read More

Did you know that WB Yeats the poets selected the first Irish coins ? I didn’t until someone recently told me and I researched further on the subject. Here is what I learned. In 1926 the government of the newly founded Irish Free State formed a coinage committee to plan for a new Irish coinage.… Read More

www.Irishcoincufflinks.com added two new sets of cufflinks to their growing range of Cufflinks. The latest editions are a limited edition of 50 sets of the Irish three pence 3d coin. The Irish name (leath reul) literally meant “half reul”, the reul being a sixpence coin worth the same as the Spanish real. The three-pence coin… Read More