My now most of you will be familiar with the event happening in Ireland in 2013, where Irish people living abroad, Irish people who have ties to the Island are invited back to Ireland to celebrate their Irishness. The gathering is not one event but a year long celebration. The gathering is the largest tourist initiative taken in Irelands history and is backed by the Taoiseach (who has a set of our cufflinks) and the minister for Tourism.

The meet ups are across different categories such as Sports, food and drink, dance and music, corporate activity, and many more.

It will be an interesting project and it came out of the Farmleigh meet up, where some of the top business people, artists, politicians came together to look at lateral ways of helping Ireland.  Here are Irish coin cufflinks we will be looking forward to it, and may even get around to organising an event, or may just partake in the food and drink aspect !

Anyway, for those who are getting involved and are looking for a gift, check out the Irish Cufflinks made from genuine old Irish coins. The cufflinks are handmade in our workshop in Dalkey, Co Dublin and we only use genuine coins. All of the cufflinks come in a silver presentation box.

Below is a picture of the Irish threepence cufflinks. These coins were removed from circulation in Ireland in 1968….but we still have lots of them to make into cufflinks.

Enjoy the gathering and don’t forget to wear the cufflinks.


The Gathering gift suggestion